Web Design Mistakes

Creating a web site could be challenging but the real concern is to make it usable. The fact about most of the web designers are that they do not emphasize in solving visitor’s need rather they give importance to their needs. As a web designer, you should remember that website is not created for yourself but for solving visitor’s needs. Most of the web designers give priority to creativity rather than usability.

In this write-up, I have tried to put together some common web design mistakes that web designers and developers make and some tips to avoid these mistakes easily.

Making Use of Flash

Flash is good for your website when used moderately and tastefully. Flash may offer awesome animated experiences which are challenging or impossible by using just HTML. Unfortunately it has some disadvantages for examples everyone does not have flash support and everyone does not have the bandwidth to support flash. Presently, just a few mobile devices have flash support. JavaScript is the best alternative of Flash. JavaScript is supported by all the major web browsers and mobile devices.

Poor Readability & Legibility

This is an essential aspect of web design. Needless to say, a great user interface design will grab the visitors’ attention however visitors need to read text to get the information they want. Some websites designers use the most weird font family and sizes that is really hard to read. To improve the website’s visitors’ reading experience on your website you can evaluate color schemes of well designed websites and observe how the colors can improve reading experience or readability. A great tool to check out diverse color schemes is Adobe Kuler.

Make use of a Sans serif typeface because it enables easy reading on the web.

 Poor navigation

Navigation is an important aspect to increase the usability of a website. Web designers should discover a way to make the experience very easy for the visitors to navigate throughout the website by offering a common user experience.

If the navigation system is poorly designed, the visitors will be discouraged and most likely not to visit the website again seeking in other websites for a better solution.

Make your website’s navigation simple by giving textual descriptions for all hyperlinks. Use alt text for all images. Remember the visitors will leave your website immediately if they do not get what they want in less than 4 clicks.


Poor use of color and contrast

Every web designer must have knowledge of color theory and be capable of applying its rules. If you do not have enough knowledge of color and contrast, you will find lots of free online tools that will assist you in choosing the appropriate color scheme and contrast.


Not using search box.

A search bar must be used on almost every site, in a highly visible place. It will simplify visitors’ navigation significantly and will save their time.


Not using responsive design: Nowadays most of the users visit website from their mobile devices like Smartphone or tablets. So you should give importance to the responsiveness while designing a website. You can use a responsive front end framework to make your website responsive. One of the most popular responsive front end framework is Twitter Bootstrap.

Using Pop-up Windows: Pop up windows is annoying and a lot of browsers block them. Therefore do not use pop-up windows unless you have a very good reason.

PHP Frameworks

PHP is probably the most widely used and powerful server site scripting language around the world. PHP enables us to create massive web applications. However, sometimes coding in PHP or any other language can be boring and repetitive. For this reason, we need to get help from PHP framework. So what is PHP framework?

A PHP Framework is a basic platform for developing dynamic web applications. In simple words, Framework offers a basic structure to build web applications. A PHP Framework helps web developer by saving a lot of time, preventing repetitive code, and enabling to create web applications rapidly (RAD). Without a PHP Framework, it is very tough to create web applications because you have to do a lot of PHP coding repeatedly. You also need to execute the connection between your database and your application from scratch. On the other hand, utilizing a PHP Framework makes it very easy for you to make sure this database connection. Framework helps a web developer to concentrate more on the actual web application, rather than investing time writing repetitive code.

Most of the PHP frameworks are based on MVC (Model View Controller). MVC is a popular design framework used in various widely used programming languages which separates domain logic from user interface.

Some most popular PHP frameworks are Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony2, Codeigniter, Yii, Aura, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Kohana, none, php-mvc, pear, slim and much more.

Why Should Use PHP Framework?

A framework is not essential for web development: it is “just” one of the very important tools which are required to assist you developing greater and quicker! I have listed here 3 reasons why you should use PHP framework.

Spending more time in the task, not in the technology: This is the fundamental rule of a framework: Not having to reinvent the wheel. Reusing the code throughout the projects will conserve the web developer a significant amount of time and work. A PHP framework provides pre-defined modules for doing monotonous coding, so the web developer can invest their precious time on creating the actual software instead of re-creating the basis with every single project.

Stability and Security: Stability is one more important reason web developers are using frameworks. Although ease of use is one of PHP’s finest features, and the cause a lot of individuals like to use this language, it can also be one of its largest downfalls. It is pretty easy, particularly for beginners, to create bad code and not even realize it. With PHP, the software will work well on maximum time, however unconsciously you may open up a huge security hole in your PHP coding that can be vulnerable to attacks. However, a well-developed framework ensures stability and security of your application.

Meaningful and accessible URLS: Most of the PHP frameworks use a little bit of mod_rewrite magic to make sure your webpage URLS are always meaningful and obtainable by the search engine. Obtainable URL also aids with Search Engine Optimization — sharing your blog post as /blogs/why_should_use_a_PHP_framework/ will surely improve your search engine ranking.